View professional biographies of prominent Namibia celebrities, politicians, corporate and business leaders.

Sem Mandela Uutoni

Sem Mandela Uutoni currently works on regional integration in the Office of the Chairperson at the African Union Commission in Addis Abba, Ethiopia. Sem Mandela holds a bachelor’s degree in Regional and Rural Development and a master’s degree in Regional Development and Environmental Economics (Summa Cum Laude). In November 2016, he was awarded an excellence… read more »

Lineekela Iyaloo Tobias

Lineekela Iyaloo Tobias is an award-winning educator from Reverend Juuso Shikongo Secondary School. She has five years of experience in educating Namibian children in geography and biological sciences, where she focuses on teaching and educating students according to the educational needs, abilities, and attainment potential of each student. Lineekela holds a bachelor’s degree in Education… read more »

Roline Tjipueja

Roline Tjipueja has over seven years’ experience in financial management, research, and training. Currently, Roline is an examiner at the Bank of Namibia, where her focus is on regulating the financial sector, implementing policies, and contributing to ensuring a sound financial system within the country. Roline Tjipueja holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics… read more »

Kaveto Tjatjara

Kaveto Tjatjara is the founder and CEO of Worldview Technology and Investments in Namibia, a social enterprise that manufactures waterless toilets to provide an affordable, hygienic, and odorless alternative for people in developing communities who practice open defecation due to inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) infrastructures. Open defecation, which is common in rural and… read more »

Jholerina Brinnette Timbo

Jholerina Brinnette Timbo has over fourteen years of experience working in the LGBTI movement. She is a transgender rights activist who is currently the founder and director of Wings to Transcend ,Namibia. She leads initiatives that facilitate dialogue, promote law reform, drive intersectionality, and advocate for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people. Jholerina… read more »

Fransina Kondjashili Shivute

Fransina Kondjashili Shivute has nine years of experience teaching and has been active as a volunteer and coach, involved in science fair and science projects, served in leadership positions as the head of the Natural Science department and chairperson of the girls’ soccer team. Fransina has a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of… read more »

Tulimelila Patience Prewett Shityuwete

Tulimelila Patience Prewett Shityuwete has over 20 years’ experience in dance, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Dance and Anthropology from the University of Cape Town. During the past six years Tuli has had extensive experience in entrepreneurship, human rights and development work, and has previously coordinated and administrated the rollout of an 18-organization… read more »

Taleni Shimhopileni

Taleni Shimhopileni has over seven years’ experience in the media industry. Currently, Taleni is the founder of a new tech startup, set to become the top online platform and consolidated, distribution service provider of contemporary African-authored books for the global market. Previously awarded by Google as one of their Zeitgeist Young and Bright Minds, she… read more »

Fillemon Shikomba

Fillemon Shikomba has over three years’ experience in the education sector. He focuses on helping orphans at rural schools, providing education to special needs students, and gathering funds to buy solar panels to help electrify rural schools. Currently, Fillemon works for the SWAPO Youth League at the district level and is a volunteer at the… read more »

Beata Mandy Shemuvalula

Mandy Shemuvalula has over two years experience working with international companies in marketing. She is currently the founder and CEO of Gloca Inc., an organization with a mission to reinvent product distribution in Africa as a customer experience, as a business, and ultimately as an industry. Beata Mandy Shemuvalula enjoys working with children and as… read more »

Loide Anbelina Shaparara

Loide Anbelina Shaparara is currently employed as a Legal Advisor in Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Namibia. She holds B Juris and LLB degree at the University of Namibia, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Technology Law.Loide Anbelina Shaparara aspires to employ knowledge and experience of YALI to… read more »

Reginald Roman

Reginald Roman has seven years’ experience in public management, coordinating community development projects in settlement areas at constituency and regional levels. After joining Kunene Regional Council in 2009 as an accountant, he served as head of office and settlement development committee chairperson with the mandate to coordinate development of the Fransfontein settlement. Currently, Reginald Roman… read more »

Paskaline Ngayozi Kue Ngunaihe

Paskaline Ngunaihe has over four years of experience working with NGOs. She is the co-founder of Her Liberty Namibia an organization for women and young girls where she is involved in the implementation of daily activities, management of projects, and the facilitation of organizational interest. She is experienced in business communication, marketing, and media management. Paskaline… read more »

Emerencia Nguarambuka

Emerencia Nguarambuka has had over six years experience working in the public service as an Executive Assistant at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. Emerencia?s responsibilities include producing reports on the implementation of government reform programs; stakeholder engagement; monitoring and evaluation of implementation of Cabinet decisions; and general administrative functions. Emerencia Nguarambuka holds a… read more »

Sebulon Nghilifavali David

Sebulon David has over eight years’ experience in various fields in the computing sector and wireless technology. He is currently the founder and executive director of the Tate Institute of Technology, holds a degree in computer science and geology from the University of Namibia, and is a computer scientist working on innovative education and energy… read more »