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Kim Williams

Kim Williams

Kim Williams, is an entrepreneur and well-respected local interior creative of the full-service Cape Town-based interior studio, Kim Williams, working across décor, design and interior architecture. 

Kim started renovating her own properties during her early twenties, with the aim of increase their resell value and making good profit. However, it was in Kim’s 40s that she truly found her life’s calling, after becoming ill and relocating back to Cape Town she decided to combine her year’s of business experience with her passion for beautiful buildings and interiors. 

Kim’s first-hand experience of the importance of well-functioning, energising interiors became the cornerstone of her own blueprint called the Pure Design Innovation ID, that involves a process of extracting what people want and need from their interior spaces. Kim developed this Blueprint to guarantee a focus on the client – what they want – and matching this with their unique personal style. The practice can be applied to corporate environments, hospitality, residential homes, developments, businesses or even a single room. 

Kim has uniquely married this process successfully with her creative talents and practical skills, which includes the intelligent use of space, her unique design talent and years of valuable experience.

Kim completed her certification for Interior Design and Styling with the JD London Institute of Design, wrote the NHBRC technical exam for building professionals, and is registered with the NHBRC. Kim holds several qualifications in business management, human behaviour, marketing, training, assessment and communications to name a few. Kim’s background also includes her working as a change management consultant and behaviour specialist in the corporate world for 21 years. During this time, she acquired valuable business skills and developed great insights on human behaviour, corporate work culture and workspaces. She then went to open her own consulting business which she has successfully run for 12 years. 

Kim has seen first-hand the value of experiencing an over-all sense of well-being, of being your best self when in a well-designed space, which far offsets the cost. It translates into a return on investment not just in the quality of life and work, but into tangible value for the property, development or business.

Kim’s clients enjoy her passion and love for quirky, fresh and on trend, yet classic interior design space solutions. Her easy, energetic and sparkly personality helps create her client’s dream space that exceeds even their best imagination. Knowing this, brings her real happiness. 

Currently, Kim Williams’ portfolio adds up to millions of rands in retail value. She has worked across several building and construction projects, alongside developers and architects of more than 25 residential properties, 3 apartment blocks and more recently expanding into commerical projects. These projects include a variation of interior architecture, design and finishing, as well as soft furnishing.