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Messiah Chijioke Ijeoma

Messiah is from Mgbede-Egbema, in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria, and married to his heart throb Mrs. Mfonabasi Basil Messiah-Ijeome. He is an Agricultural Extension and Rural Development specialist with strong desire to bring change to Nigeria and the world at large by ensuring sustainable rural development, and contributing to sustainable food security. He is a published researcher, and always eager to contribute to the growth and development of Nigeria and the world at large.

He had his first degree (Agricultural Extension) from University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria; a Master degree in Agricultural extension and Rural Development, from University of Ibadan, Nigeria and currently undertaking his doctoral research in Agricultural extension and Rural Development, from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He has undertaken several training and workshop in proposal writing; programme management, implementation and evaluations; and have undertaken research in social intervention programmes, sustainable energy utilization, social media use in agriculture and had been involved in the conduct of social impact assessment, need assessment, environmental and social due diligence study for organisations.

He is a good communicator and has good managerial and interpersonal skills. This he acquired as a result of his training with Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), 2013; and involvement with several organisations in several capacities such as Agricultural Extension and Communication Expert, Agro and Environmental Services Limited; Project Officer, Development and Strategy with Initiative for Data and Social Advancement (IDASA); Research Fellow, Molsyfem United Services (Research and Publications Unit); among others.

He is a strong advocate in achieving sustainable rural and agricultural development in Africa. His areas of research interest include climate change, rural development, youth development, community participation in technology development and social media in Agriculture. He has practical experience working with community youth and women organisations in community-based organisations (CBOs), Farmer Based Organisations (FBOs) and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs). He is an agricultural consultant and has consulted for Individuals, cooperative societies and NGOs, among others.

He is open for partnership and collaborations from individuals and organisation in agricultural, youth, women and rural development programmes in Nigeria and Africa. He is a member of Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON), and Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered).