Precious Nkadimeng aka ‘Spokenpriestess’


Precious Nkadimeng aka ‘Spokenpriestess’ is a South African Radio personality, writer, and business woman Precious “Spokenpriestess”

From her first audition aged 17 at Tshwane FM (then TUT Top Stereo) to her current role as content manager at Slikour Onlife along with hosting two shows, 16 Bars and Kizosada, on TransAfricaRadio, her journey certainly is one to celebrate. “It’s almost as if we are taught not to openly celebrate ourselves, but if we don’t do it then who should?” remarks the jubilant personality.

In what is considered a cutthroat industry, Spokenpriestess has not only managed to stay afloat but has steadily carved a name for herself in the hip hop and media industry at large.